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STEP 15: Healthy Habits

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This is the PDF lesson of Step 15 of My Journey Level 2: THE TRUTH.

Our desire is that these resources will help you grow spiritually and walk in your true identity in Christ as well as realize your unique purpose in the Kingdom of God as you grown in intimate relationship with God and are transformed by His Presence and Word.

How to use it?

We believe that your life and the life of others will be blessed and transformed by applying these resources.  It’s always important to seek the direction and help of the Holy Spirit using the Word of God as a foundation.

You have permission to download, print and share these resources with others.  Please give credit to Alimenta Mis Ovejas, Inc and include our website direction www.FeedMySheepInc.org and www.AlimentaMisOvejas.org. It’s prohibited to sell or charge for these materials.

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