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Step 29: Secure in God

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  • Jeanelle Simpson

    Today is April 2, 2022; Saturday. I started this program in August of 2021. I honestly cannot describe how these classes have helped the growth of mine and God’s relationship. I am now at a point in my walk with Christ that I will never trade for anything in this world, or out of this world. He has broke strongholds, and healed in ways that I never imagined, and in areas that I never realized I need healing. He has revealed things to me about myself I never knew. He is SO AMAZING!

    I greatly appreciate the authors of these classes and love them greatly. I pray that God will bless them and all that they do.

    Step 29 Secure in God: I have done this lesson twice, because I struggle greatly with relationships. Partly is because of the stronghold that rejection had on me. After Christ released me from that stronghold, I find that this class is extremely important for me to learn of how to build healthy relationships through the love of God. Up until this point, I was afraid to open my heart up to love again because of being let down, rejected, or hurt. Now, I am not afraid and even though the likelihood of being hurt again is there, I know I am valued and loved by God and that is where my security lies. I am safe in His love for me.


  • Praise God! This is such a wonderful testimony We salute you for investing the time into your Journey to Transformation We know God has great things in store for you as you continue to grow and walk with Him

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