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Step 16: Work, Rest and Celebrate

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  • Jeanelle Simpson

    This was a really good topic for me to hear. I am one of those, as many do, have neglected the importance of silence, rest, and celebration. I work, but I intend to let my secular job as a city clerk consume every aspect of my thoughts, life, and I have suffered greatly because of it. I am a new city clerk this year that has pretty much been thrown into the troubled waters of a city that has a lot of turmoil. The waters have been very turbulent from previous administration, and “old school” ways. This has been my life for the past almost year. Through this course I am learning to put first things first again, and open those communications to God more than I have ever in the past. But this lesson addresses something that has been bothering me for a long time and that is that I don’t practice the discipline of laughter like I used to do, and I never have learned to celebrate, and to celebrate with a joyous spirit. I want that to change. Thank you for sharing this lesson and addressing these topics.

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