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Step 4: Common Union

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  • Jeanelle Simpson

    Susan Baptista knows a little of what I have gone through over the past several years. God and I started reconnecting in 2018. He worked with me teaching me what it was I needed to confess, surrender, and remove from my life. It was the year I repented and started turning in a 180 degree turn and instead of following flesh, world, and selfish desires, I sought out the kingdom of God. This lesson has moved me to the next phase of having a deeper connection, or union with God. I love the fact that we are made in his image. I love trying to model my life after his with him guiding me. I love our quiet times and as time goes by and I do these lessons, I love just sitting in his presence and listening to him tell me he loves me. This is something I have wanted all my life is to be loved like no other. God gives me that love, and because of that, I am now okay with myself and with others. I love the work God does to grow me, to nurture me, and to transform me. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, The Great I AM.

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