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Step 1: New Life in Christ

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  • Jeanelle Simpson

    A couple of years ago God has embarked me on a new journey in my walk with him. Up until that point my salvation was based on knowledge and trying to do right in my will power. I never really stopped to think what words such as “a new life in Christ,” repent, and I had never heard the work Metanoia. When I was saved my relationship with Christ was not even perceived as a relationship. I had God separated in my mind as a being, the creator, and as God. This program is opening my eyes up to what God has been trying to tell me all of my life. The difference now is that I am surrendering more and more to God everyday. I have had to learn what surrender means, and I have had to learn not set myself apart and hide my heart and live off of knowledge in the mind. Now I am learning to live in the Spirit.

  • Jeanelle, Thanks so much for sharing what God is doing in and through you! We are so excited to see the plans He has for your life unfolding.

  • Jeanelle Simpson

    This is my second time of going through these lessons. As I start this program, I am amazed at the different perspective I have as I read through the entree and listen to the videos of the appetizer, salad, and dessert and coffee. I have been saved since I was 13 years old, and this month I will be 52. It has been the last 4 years that God has been growing me spiritually. I have always believed in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, but it hasn’t been until here lately that the truth of Jesus shedding his blood for us, being buried, and resurrecting has meant so much more to me because of that spiritual growth. I realize now that Jesus does love me whether I feel like, or even if I don’t love myself at times. Jesus still does. I find comfort in that.

    It is now that I realize I am married to Christ. I am part of his bride. I have accepted His free gift of salvation, and I am-metanoia-changing the way I think and live through the Holy Word of God, direction of the Holy Spirit, and by living obediently as a branch of the vine. I am realizing how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. I realize that I am now in a covenant relationship with God. As I was going through the lesson again some of the things, He revealed to me is, “He is always with us even when we think He is not,” “I am a new spiritual creation and my spirit is made alive in HIm,” “Christ died for me and to connect me back to the Father.” There are some other truths I learned, but the best experience is when I asked God yesterday, “What does it mean to be reconnected back to you as my source of life?” There was a presence that made me feel like I was sitting in heaven with him. It was such a peaceful place, and it was a place I wanted to stay in. I felt loved and accepted; I belonged there.

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